Thursday, November 12, 2009

From the Desk of Mr. Chan: THE O.C. (ORANGE CHICKEN)


Today American couple come in for dinner. I think they finish shopping or something...who know?

After they done eating, they say, Mr. Chan, Orange Chicken so delicious! What is your secret?

I say, WHAAA?

The woman say, what is your RECIPE? I want to make at home.

I say, who you think I am? BETTY CROCKER? I trying to run a business, mang!

I not gonna lie. I was a little grumpy.

Then the guy say, can we see the kitchen?

I say, what for??

I don't like people in my kitchen! But they just keep pushing!

He say, when we go to restaurant, chef always give us kitchen tour.

I say, THIS IS FAST FOOD KITCHEN!! You ask for kitchen tour when you go to ARBY'S??! FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

Then they leave.

Afterward I calm down and you know wha? I felt pretty bad.

Now and forever,

Mr. Chan
Owner/Proprietor, Miss Fortune Chinese Fast Food

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