Who is Mr. Chan?

A true American working class folk hero, Mr. Chan speaks the truth and is the voice of reason. He's proud, confident, yet stubborn at times.

Originally from the big city, Mr. Chan crosses cultural barriers when he moves to a small American town and opens "Miss Fortune Chinese Fast Food" at a local shopping center.

Has lived in the United States for 15 years - definitely NOT a fish out of water!

A bit cynical, but tries to remain positive even in the face of accumulating debt, dwindling profits, and a dying mall.

Refuses to be taken advantaged of.

Tends to embellish his stories.

Older and single, but too busy for love.

Enjoys the simple things in life, such as curling up with a big bag of sunflower seeds and watching wrestling

A sharp dresser - buys all his clothes from Ross.

Vidalis is his hair tonic of choice.

Drives a 1980 Ford Fiesta - still keepin it real!

A little out of touch with popular culture but likes that female singer who's "kinda fat, hairy and not so pretty but has a wonderful voice." (Susan Boyle)

Proudly displays a signed 8x10 photo of Barry Manilow, whose assistant once ordered take out. Also enjoys Kenny Rogers and the best of the Righteous Brothers.

Feels uncomfortable around a lot of Chinese people.

Eating bad Chinese food makes his blood boil.

Famous for his delicious yet mysterious little dish, "Spicy X with ??? sauce."

Will not stand idly by - always ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.

Will jam a square peg in a round hole...and make it fit!