Meet the Creator/Animator/Voice of Mr. Chan

Hi, my name is DAN LEE. I made this cartoon. Nice to meet you too, babycakes.

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Meet the Co-Creator/Writer of Mr. Chan

In addition to Mr. Chan, VIVIAN LEE's writing credits include the CBS show GHOST WHISPERER (the episode "Imaginary Friends and Enemies"), the video game DEAD TO RIGHTS: RETRIBUTION, and has a TV project in development. Viv voices Mrs. Bergmanstein, Rick Shaw, and other characters.

Meet the "Harry Shearer/Hank Azaria" of Mr. Chan

ERIC TIEDE is the voice of celebrity restaurateur Russell Woo, Fat Picard, Mall Security Guard, and more!

Eric most recently guest starred on N.C.I.S., the top rated show on television, in the episode "Mother's Day" on CBS.

... recently wrapped shooting a lead role in the feature film LAND OF THE ASTRONAUTS opposite David Arquette which is scheduled to release in 2010.

... plays the role of British rock star ALDOUS BRIGHT, a parody of Russell Brand's character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in the feature film comedy THE 41 YEAR OLD VIRGIN WHO KNOCKED UP SARAH MARSHALL AND FELT SUPERBAD ABOUT IT, directed by Craig Moss, available now on DVD.

In the independent feature film comedy PICKIN' & GRINNIN', directed by John Gries, Eric plays Brian Clearwater- a bitter country version of Ryan Seacrest. The film is currently touring film festivals around the country.

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