Monday, September 10, 2012

BFC: Big F*ckin' Chicken!

Please enjoy our brand new cartoon, BFC!

Five pieces of fried chicken that transform into a giant fried chicken monster. Together, they protect the American public from dangerous foods produced by the evil Friendly Farms Corporation.

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Created and Written by Dan Lee & Vivian Lee.

Executive Producers
Dan Lee, Vivian Lee and Jim Wedaa

Eric Tiede as Colonel Crispy a.k.a Drumstick
Brian Durkin as Tom Tasty a.k.a. Chicken Thigh and Giblet
Cathy Zukimoto as Lucy Juicy a.k.a. Hot Wing
Thomas Fowler as Eddie Tender a.k.a. Chicken Breast
Todd Cattell as CEO Hormone
Sharon Brathwaite-Sanders as The Principal
and Anthony Starke as The Teacher

Recording Studio
VoiceTrax West (Sound Designer: John Thomas)

Animation Services
Two Animators! (Creative Director: Tom Costantini)

Music Score
Jordan Allen White

Special Thanks
Lan Li and Shea Kammer

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