Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From the Desk of Mr. Chan: Cookie's Fortune

Hello Pen Pal! It like I not seen or talk to you in a while!


Sometime I cannot believe the questions I get. Don't get me wrong, I really like this town. But sometime I think people have severe brain probo. Like they born, but then suddenly coconut fall off the tree and bonk them on the soft part of their head before it can fully developed. It happens.

So today customer ask, how you make the fortune cookies?

I not really understanding what he trying to ask. But he pay me $5.95 for a plate of pepper beef so I think I should give him my full attention. (even though it was loose change rolled up in an old sandwich bag)

He ask, so do you bake them in an oven or something?

You kiddin me, right?

I say, I buy them wholesale.

He say, oh a friend told me that some Chinese restaurants make their own fortune cookies. I thought maybe you bake them in a big oven like Mrs. Fields.

I give him blank stare.

I say, Oh sure. I bake them. I also manufacture 3 Musketeers bars from a drum of petroleum oil in the back.

Then he look around like the wind is calling his name and walk away.

Now, stop right there. Don't make fun of him or feel sorry for him. He not a bad looking guy, so I pretty sure his fortune says he will have an easy life.

I tell you the truth, people can overlook stooby.

The man in the mirror,

Mr. Chan
Owner/Proprietor, Miss Fortune Chinese Fast Food

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