Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Wonderful Russell of Woo, Mr. Chan!

Celebrity restauranteur Russell Woo checks up on Mr. Chan. Mr. Chan absolutely despises him. Russell Woo: Eric Tiede ("Gary Unmarried, The United States of Tara").


* 1st appearance of Russell Woo
* Mr. Chan always wears a fanny pack when he's outside
* Horsetooth Fashion Mall has BOTH a Joslins AND a Foley's! (completely behind the times)... See More
* Russell Woo's Porsche Carrera drives past the mall
* The Miss Fortune menu is from "I'm Allergic to Peanuts, Mr. Chan" (2nd mention of the infamous Spicy "X" with ??? Sauce dish)
* Mr. Chan is wiping down the counter with Windex again (from "Rat Problem, Mr. Chan?")
* Sign on the cash register is "No Checks Please"
* Mr. Chan and Russell Woo are "old friends" (Mr. Chan once worked for Russell Woo's family)
* 1st appearance of Abacus and Porn, Mr. Chan's kitchen staff
* 2nd appearance of Uncle Benny (1st appearance in "You ain't got game, Mr. Chan!")
* DVD title reads "My Tastys' Delight" (a sassy Chinese TV series)
* Abacus has a giddy man crush on Russell Woo
* Abacus says Jennifer Simpson, but means to say Jennifer Aniston
* Mr. Chan hates being charmed!

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